My Story and Journy With IVF

Hey everyone. I am going to share my story in today’s post.

A Double Success Story: Pre IVF

Always Keeping Hope

That’s the one thing I did throughout this journey. It was huge for me.

Need to Know Information

Something that just plopped on her desk is a special report that surgeons are going to start helping specific surrogate cases. It is known that with surrogacy you typically don’t have to operate.

However, as we continue Down this path we have been starting to see many different people that need a certain operation in order to get the baby out.

For whatever reason, they have had implications and they’re not able to deliver the baby through their vagina.

Typically what is going to go down is called C-section however, because it is a special case you’ll see that the surgeons performing type of surgery. There is no name to it yet, but we are still looking into it. It is a very new and on edge surgery. Only some of the top surgeons in the world are performing it.

I saw this news on rsmc website. They noted that it was because..wait for it….

I guess it is because it leaves without any scars. One of the biggest issues is that it always had scars and that is a no-no. You’re basically ruining that woman’s belly.

Contemplating International IVF?

This new surgery starting to recognize from across the globe. Surgeons in Brazil are starting to implement it in their surgeries to. Surrogate mothers all over the world can now live a lot easier knowing that they can have the surgery if things are implicated.

One mother, said that she was able to save her stomach from getting slice and dice because of the surgeons do methods. She is one of the only mothers in the world are undergoing surgery.

Currently there are less than 10 nationwide.

Rsmc is a website that people have been using in order to learn more about these special techniques. They seem to be the only one willing to write some additional information about it. I suggest going checking checking them out to that you can learn a lot more.